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Worst customer service ever! Insulted by the waiter and then had straws thrown to us for our water.

Left without even ordering anything. I guess the name speaks for itself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dicks Last Resort Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Juno Beach, Florida, United States #1234399

You may want to read about a restaurant you have never been to before prior to writing your *** online review. This review makes you look like the A-hole here.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1227820

That's the idea. They are supposed to be rude and insult you. It's supposed to be funny.


This complaint made me laugh. How can anyone eat at ***'s and not understand that the whole concept is to be extremely sarcastic.


The employees are trained to be intentionally rude to the customers. Its like a performance. Did you not check out their restaurant concept before writing this complaint?

It's one thing to have a valid complaint, but when someone doesn't do their own homework as to how a place works only to complain when the company did exactly what is listed as their business model.....

Please, look up reviews to see what a restaurant is like before trashing the place for being what it's advertised for.

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