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I've read several reviews & complaints about this establishment. Now i have a complaint about the company in general.

My boyfriend worked at the Newport Ky location from the time they opened til the time tbe closed the doors on Oct.31st. I can't understand how they can just close the doors like that without a warning what so ever. The owner was in the store with these ppl the day b4 h said nothing! Yea they're offering unemployment but we all know that's not the same as what you have been getting paid.

I believe some kind of severance should be paid became of how they went about it. The managers get it so why can't the regular employees? Ijs. We have an infant 2 care for & bills still need 2 get paid.

It was a crappy ending for us & many other ppl. An now for the quote of the day " Don't be a *** your whole life"

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Reno, Nevada, United States #1259788

Perhaps your "boyfriend" should go to college and get a REAL JOB - not to follow in your footsteps as a low-class ***.

to Anonymous #1368024

And maybe then he could do something worthwhile like leaving angry comments at strangers insulting them for no good reason

to Anonymous #1368208

@Reno,Nevada -Then who would be around to serve fat slobs like yourself? I worked in restaurants during my college years and 95% of my co-workers were either attending college as well, or had another job, like being a teacher, office worker, etc.

One waiter who only worked evening shifts had a day job working as a accountant. Your ignorant judgment of people who are waiters/waitresses is a reflection of how low-class YOU are.

Reno, Nevada, United States #1259787

You are a *** ***... .

. "***'s"

Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1236735

BTW: I do agree that was not very nice to give NO notice to the employees. I can only guess they made the decision so as to avoid people all jumping ship at once, which, if you think about it, was a selfish thing on their part. In other words, they were just thinking of themselves it would seem.

Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1236734

Managers get severance pay because it is part of their employment contracts. You, as a server, have no such contract.

In fact, I've never even heard of a tipped employee receiving severance pay. Severance pay is not something a company just on the spur of the moment decides to offer an employee.

It is something the Company would have pre-determined and offered upfront in the employment contract. Its parameters would be carefully laid out in the contract, regarding the amount of money to be received and what length of service it is based on.

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