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The staff is rude, and I guess the bartender thought it was cute to spray some patrons with water from his soda gun last night. I was so pissed.

I'm calling Mall of America management too. What a shithole, don't go there. Someone could have easily been hurt, and so this is not a family restaurant in my mind. I had been there before and the food was just OK.

I'll never return, and I'll work to get that barboy fired as soon as possible. You would think that the Mall of America would have higher standards

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Anoka, Minnesota, United States #582735

The place is a *** hole


It's ***'s Last Resort. That's what its supposed to be like.

The staff is supposed to be rude, people get sprayed with soda/ condiments.

It's a theme restaurant centered around "bad service" for the sake of comedy and entertainment. Grow up!


Tou sound like an absolute ***! They will noy miss you. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


You're an ***, you know that? Seriously. Kill yourself.

to Anon Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States #614575

Agreed! What a dumb-***!

Didn't he realize that the place is a INSULT-BAR???

Another friggin', self-righteous Narcissistic ***. Boo Hoo.

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