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Last night we went to ***'s Last Resort in downtown San Diego for my 30th birthday. I had never been to ***'s before and was sooo looking forward to it. The atmosphere was fun. However, the service was thee absolute worst service I've ever had.

Our waitress, Smotha, kept bringing stuff to our table that we didn't order, I'm talking at least 10 items. Then we would tell her and she would say "Oh, well we already made it so just eat/drink it." We had a party of 14 people. The bill was $500.00! There was a bunch of stuff on the bill that nobody at our table ordered. We waited and watied and waited for our waitress to come around. She never did. So we just left enough money for what was on the bill that we did order and left. We couldn't wait around any longer because we had a party bus that we were paying for by the hour.

Well, the bouncer tracked us down around the corner so we had to go back to the restaurant to talk to the manager. The manager was yelling at us and telling us that she didn't give a *** whether we ordered it or not. Told us that it was just too bad and we would have to pay the rest of the bill or she was gonna call the cops. I could've cared less if she called the cops, but we didn't want to lose anymore limo time and she knew this and took advantage of it.

So my brother pulled out his credit card and was still going back and forth with her. He went to put his credit card and money back in his wallet.... and to our surprise the manger "GRABBED HIS WRIST AND TRIED TO TAKE HIS CREDIT CARD"! You have got to be effin kidding me. She should be fired for this!

We ended up paying the balance so that we could leave, enjoy the rest of night and not spend my 30th birthday dealing with cops and all the drama and not lose more money by not enjoying the party bus that we were paying for. We paid at least $100 over what it should've been. It was a bunch of BS. I will never ever go to ***'s again, anywhere. And I will be sure to leave this review on every possible site that I can.

Review about: Dicks Last Resort Manager.

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So you dined and dashed some of your bill but you forgot to dash? You just strolled outside and didn't think they would go after you?

Still this is the first legit complaint I've seen and I would have sued them or waited for the cops, but I don't know maybe the party bus/ limo-whatever charge for waiting would have been more than just paying the bill. Still you should file a lawsuit they're supposed to be rude maybe they take it too far sometimes but ripping people off pretty much stealing then still being rude when you're not even eating anymore trying to leave is where everyone should draw the line.

I would have whoever paid with the car call there bank and say they lost there card and have then wave the balance or even tell the bank what really happened and maybe they will remove the fee or stop the transaction if you did this stuff soon after. I know that was 5 years ago but for future reference.


Sounds like you got what you asked for.

the worst you get treating is the more for the bang.

You got the first class treatment , feel lucky :)

to Anonymous #1123888

Wow really? Did you really just say "the worst you get treating is the more for the bang" seriously??

Did you even try to be coherent with that sentence. Please tell me you have some sort of mental disability, because if not I think you have some serious brain damage and might be due for a stroke any day now. That was the dumbest most nonsensical sentence I've ever read. Nonsense pure nonsense.

Hahahaha seriously? "More for the bang"?? What does that even mean? What bang?

I really want to know what bang?! Who's he banging? Or who's getting banged?

Wow just wow I thought I've seen all form illiteracies but you not only took the cake you took the whole *** bakery with that stupidity. Seriously though wow!


Just, heads up... if a party of 14 people all ordered a $2 soda and a $15 entree, already the bill is $525..

not including a very well deserved gratuity for the inconsiderate 'dine and dash' you and your party pulled. **** you ******bag

to Anonymous Naperville, Illinois, United States #803168

17 x 14 is 238. so you proved his point. He was clearly overcharged.

to Anonymous #1123882

What kind of math is that? 17•14=525???

Are you retarded? Where the *** did you learn multiplication? The school of incompetence? $17 per person is assuming everyone ordered a soft drink so let's say they did and no one got just water that still comes out to $238 give or take because of the whole some people just having water situation.

But lets give and say everyone ordered alcohol the average drink price is $10 there so (15+10)14=350 still not 525. So I'm still baffled as to where you got that absurdly inaccurate number. You're math is way off and needs some serious work. Even if they add gratuity on for you which I've heard they do and it's supposed to be 15% if they do I'm not positive on that or screw it lets say 20% to give you the dumby benefit of the doubt in trying to figure out your retard math.

I know it's not 20% because no place would go over 15% gratuity since that's the minimum suggestion and they wouldn't pick the higher ones. So we $350 plus the 15% gratuity. Which is 350•0.20=$70 of gratuity. 350+70=420.

$420 that is the maximum factoring in the most expensive options so it should probably be less if some people just got water. That's $105 less than the number you came up with. They were over charged and you are an *** and were still way off. $100 off, and you didn't even factor in alcohol or any of those other variables!

You either just pulled that number out of your ***, are horrible at math, or an *** trying to BS.

Either way go back to school and learn how to adequately BS with realistic numbers so you don't looks so ***.

P.S. I have little patience for stupidity and ignorance.

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